Steel Roofing and Siding


Painted Steel Roofing/Siding, at $1.99 Lin. Ft. (With Warranty)
Prices subject to change without notice.


  • Pound for pound steel is the most economical metal roofing and siding material
  • Today, steel is a high tech, engineered material
  • The life cycle costs of steel Roofing and Siding are very attractive
  • Steel companies in the USA are competitive worldwide in regarding quality and cost


  • Steel is strong
  • Can be used in either Structural or Architectural Roofing and Siding
  • Available in minimum yield strengths up to 80ksi


  • Steel lasts
  • Steel resists damage from wind, hail and snow


29 Gauge Painted Steel Siding and Roofing, 20-Year Warranty, $1.99 per Lin. Ft.
Prices subject to change without notice.
40Yr./25 Yr. Premium Painted Galvalume, Steel Siding and Roofing
(25 Colors to Choose)
($2.15/ Lin. Ft. or .72 Cents/ Sq. Ft.)

Prices subject to change without notice.
PLEASE CALL for other colors and prices (740-332-0658)
NOTES: All of our Steel covers 3'
Corrugated Steel Drawing_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
Red Corrugated Steel_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
Steel Roof_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
Let us design your next Barn or Garage on the Computer for $175.00 (This would apply towards purchase)

Prints include:

  • Building Specs.
  • Master Material List.
  • Steel Order Form ready to fax for quotes.
  • Full 3-D Drawings.
3D Drawing_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
  • Elevation Drawings.
Elevation Drawing_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
  • Pole Layout.
Pole Layout_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
  • Truss & Purlin Layout.
Truss Purlin Layout_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
  • Wall Girt Layout.
Wall Girt_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
  • Overhang Details.
Overhang Drawing_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
  • Steel Layouts
Steel Layout_Laurelville OH_Waynes Building Supply
*NOTE: This service is free with any purchase of Post Frame Building Package.